I asked you to profess what you would consider to be the ideal loving companion of Hotaru, and here is what you said...

From Sailor Sparkle:
"I think a guy just like her father would be perfect for Saturn!! ...people find her as "frail" so since she needs lots of support and her father does exactly that."

From Wednesday:
"In more of a teen-bopper sense, I think Hotaru would mesh well with a hip punky/gothy guy (I see the older Hotaru as gothy/cool type). He would have to be smart and intense, and he would have to possess a comical outlook on life. Anything less would simply melt next to a personality as strong and as particular as Hotaru's. As Hotaru [emotionally] needs support from him, he would have to have a bizarrish way of making [appropriate] things funny, less drastic, and approachable. He also needs to be tactful, and accept that fact that Hotaru may have some dominance and power problems. Lookswise, I can see him looking sort of like the kid from Optik Nerve, David from Strangers In Paradise, a tawny-haired Mamoru-from-the-manga. Definately needs to have a little hair in front falling into his eyes... I can see him being her height, and of light build. His name would be... Theodore, Theo as a pet name. Or Adrien, or Will."

From Koi Dawn:
Hota's guy. Well, I'll try to avoid a description of my dream, but this is what I see. Tall. But not too tall, probably about a head taller so it's not too hard to rest a head on his shoulder WHENEVER she wants. I definitly see black hair, cut to the chinline. Why? Don't ask, i've not a clue, but I saw a guy with a do like that and it looked so sugoi!! I'm thinking maybe he should put a streak of purple in his bangs, but I should really get over it. (It's just too fun!) And he has to be psycho, almost, because Hotaru really needs to get out more. But then they can run around and go to retro cafes and stuff. And whenever she feels totally bumbed he can totally just make everything seem better, even if just a little (this is another attribute of being a psycho, believe me, I know) Then they should go into martial arts or something together, and they could kick some major butt. But he'd always let her finish the person off. It's only right. Then she could be in his band, the Depths of Despair, because all the songs are either about him, or about her. So they could alternate singing. So that's the guy I see! ^_^ I wish he were mine!

From JBass70225:
How about one of the 3 lights? I think that maybe Yaten would be the best choice.

From Laura:
I think the master swordsman from 'The Seven Samurai' would be a delicious choice... he is cool, skillful, pretty funny, and my favorite character of that movie (just like Hota's my favorite character from SM).

From Athena:
The guy in the picture is Dragon Shiryu, my favourite character in the anime "Saint Seiya". He is a calm, serious, wise guy, very loyal to his friends, willing to sacrifice himself if it means saving Earth and defend justice. I see him as a protective, caring guy, able to support Hotaru in the most difficult moments. Moreover, he is always ready to improve himself and his abilities, and he never loses hope, a characteristic he has in common with Sailor Saturn (think to her final words to Super Sailormoon at the end of the "S" manga).

From Sailor Brynn:
I hope I am doing this Dream Guy think right. Anyway, I think that the perfect guy for Saturn would have to kind of quiet and shy, but stronge and brave when he really believed in something. He would have to be cute of course. I think the perfect guy for Helen would be tall and have black hair, almost like hers, but not quite as dark. I think that he would be sweet and caring and honest, and that he would like all of the other Senshi and they would like him.

From PurpleHota-chan:
---"Okay, the way I see it, Hota has to have a guy that's SO, NOT mysterious. He has to be funny, to make her laugh more, to be cute, and have black hair. He'll need to be smart, cause we don't want our Hotaru having a baka boyfriend, now do we? He needs to help that girl get out more, and have some real FUN for heaven's sakes, instead of just going to the movies with Chibi Usa, which doesn't really strike me as fun at all! So then, he needs to, like, take her out to cafes and stuff. But if when they're out, and Hota has a Senshi emergency, he needs to live with it and let her go kick some youma butt, and have some flowers and stuff ready to celebrate her victory when the fight's over with. PLUS, he has to be totally comfortable with the fact that she's wayyyyy more powerful than he is. If by some chance harm befalls them when they're on their way somewhere, he needs to step aside, and let her do her Glaive Killer-Baton-Twirler bit, and then congratulate her on a battle well fought, and take her out for ice cream. Besides this, he must be totally faithful to Hotaru. I mean, do we want him falling in love with Setsuna? I don't THINK so! So, basically, he has to be perfect. I hope that isn't too much to ask, and I wish he were MINE!"

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