Last Updated: 10/10/97

The Complete Capricorn

Welcome to my page devoted to my sign of the zodiac. Here you can find personality descriptions and traits, influences from the planets, things associated with Capricorns, interesting facts, and famous Capricorns. Newest addition: love compatabilites. Comments, suggestions, complaints, ideas? e-mail me at . Disclaimer: this is just a page created for fun with no real truth in it (to my knowledge). It is non-profit and hurting no one. If there are any legal problems with it. please tell me and I will change/fix/eliminate them. Thank you, and enjoy. The Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac, ruled by Saturn, is an earth sign, and symbolized by a fish-tailed goat.

Personality Descriptions

Capricorns take things seriously. Capricorns can solve any problem, and enjoy the mental and physical challenge of difficult problems. Capricorns are wary, and do not trust others easily. Because of that, we do not make friends easily and quickly. But once a trust is established, we remain loyal and true. We behave with dignity, and do not like to hurry. We are very stubborn, and this leads to dogmatic tendancies. Caprincorns can sometimes lack a sense of humor, their dry wit biting. Capricorns can and do work hard for long periods of time, and have achieved premient positions worldwide. Like their symbol -- the goat -- Capricorns can face any challenge. Capricorns also have a very good memory, being able to hold many, many minute details or facts over long periods of time. This gift also makes Capriocorns unwilling to forgive: we have been known to hold grudges for many years (I'm guilty). Capricorns often drown themselves in work to avoid the emotional part of life. Capricorns like to be in control of things, though you tend to be rather delicate and emotionally fragile.

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