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Princesses RememberOnce upon a time, there was a kingdom. And it had a beautiful princess. And the princess loved a prince from a neighboring kingdom. And, of course, this prince loved the princess. But then a war broke out, and the two were divided. The battle raged, and the princess's mother, the queen, decided she would send her daughter to the future, where she could grow up happily and love her prince in peaceful times. The queen used the all magic and love deep inside her, and sent the princess, the prince, and the royal gaurds to the future. Thousands of years later, all were reborn into the bodies of ordinary people, living in Tokyo.
Soldiers guard their kingdomSailormoon, the brainchild of Naoko Takeuchi, is a popular magical girl comic book that, due to it's insight and many dimensions, has become a world wide favorite to both girls and boys of all ages. It has its own manga and animated series, both of which have been or are being translated into many languages including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Pilipino, Polish, Portuguese, and Italian.
Greetings and Salutations. I added this site to the endless sea of Sailormoon pages a while ago, when I was home with the flu. I discovered Sailormoon a couple summers ago, and I watched it everyday until school started. A little into the school year, I remembered I had a VCR, and began to tape it. Then, two weeks later, it went off the air. In the meantime, my family had just gotten internet access. I did a search on the first thing that came to mind and BAM! I discovered the original anime, the manga, the outer senshi, and the three other seasons which I had yet to see. Well, now I really love Sailormoon, both the anime and the manga, and thought that since there are so much to Sailormoon -- what the hell -- I'll start my own page. And here it is.

Table of Contents:

Homicidal, deary? A quick disclaimer that applies through out these pages: please do not copy any of concepts or pieces of writing. And we mean please coming from chicks who toothed on Ms. Manners and Amy V. so please, be considerate. Please remember that 'Sailormoon' and all graphics are copyrighted by and owned by Naoko Takeuchi and Toie Animation. Sailor Moon is also partially owned by DiC. This is a site by fans for fans. Enjoy!

Sailormoon Information

NA dub Explanantion
Explains Sailormoon, the characters, cultural points, etc. to those who have only seen the NA dubbed version and/or are confused as hell. Has both manga and anime formation (name translations were recently moved to this section, as well).
The Senshi Tour
Here is the usual character summaries, *plus* my opinions, observations, and the ever beautiful infold portraits from the manga. Fully functional.
The Birthday Bulletin Board
All of the birthdays and zodiac signs for the all of the main soldiers. Will soon have basic zodiac descriptions, and consistancies between them and the characters. Fully functional.
The Manga
My tribute to the pretty lil pictures by one Noako T.: info, links, pix. Fully functional.
Complete Attacks and Transforms of Sailormoon Center
CATOSC contains my (Isabel's) complete charts of the manga and anime attacks and transformations, and Heather Cromwell's descriptions of every attack. Very helpful and very convient for trivia tests and bios, as well as just for knowing it. Fully Functional!


Personality Test
Take this lil test, and it can analyze you and see which senshi you are most like. It's really neat and fun! Has both an automatic JAVA version and a text version. All old tests have been gradeded, too. Fully functional.
Speak your mind on various aspects of the senshi, the show, the romance, and everything else. Results updated regularly. Fully functional.
Live Action Movie Actor Debates
Read on and suggest who would play your favorite character if/when a Sailormoon live action movie is created. For all characters, from all seasons. Fully functional.


Saturn Shrine
An extensive shrine to my favorite senshi. Has her life story (and its been edited so many times by so many people it'd better be correct) & facts about her, a picture gallery (and not the ones you think ^_^ been there, done that, nevermore), a make-a-man for Hota-chan (see the perfectly *lovey* responses), a fanclub, saturn multimedia, saturn merchandise lists and a mailing list with a cool title, a name poll, lots of links, and more! Fully Functional.
The Outer Senshi Shrine
My Outer Senshi shrine: devoted to Sailorpluto, Sailoruranus, and Sailorneptune. Their intro, their multimedia, their links. Come on! Fully functional (but still kind of small).
The Great Peruru Search and Shrine
Ah, worship to the cutest Sailormoon character ever, and a search to find pictures of him. Gee, I love him! Fully Functional.
My Tiny Shrine to the Villianesses Of Sailormoon
Mice, Birds, Cats, and Strange-Ladies-from-Greek-Mythology unite: worship of the crazy-cutest incarnations of evil to ever hit our screens: Beruche, Cooan, Iron Mouse, and Aluminum Siren. Tellu was recently added to our happy lil evil family! Fully Functional.

The Best of CyberSailormoonLand

Picture of the Day For your viewing pleasure, here is an ever-growing list of the best Sailormoon pictures on the internet. Darling, these are beautiful. Suggestions are welcome. Fully functional.
Win my Emblem of Merit
Do you have or know of a page with a really creative and fun page, section, etc. that deserves credit (especially if the rest of the site isn't that great...)? Then nominate it for my Emblem of Merit here. :) Good luck. Also, if you are suffering from cyber sailormoon boredom, the winners of this award are fun, unique, and worth going to. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge: obviously the winners are really cool.) Fully functional.
On Making a Better Sailormoon Webpage...
Some pointers on keeping your Sailormoon webpage ever-so-fabulous. IMHO, everyone making one should read this. Logical, precise, and realistic. Fully Functional.
The Links
I really got interested in Sailormoon by going to the websites, and here are some of the best ones I've been to. Besides generally coolie sites, I have links just about *every* merchandise site. Fully Functional.

Saturnchild's Sailormoon

What's New
Pretty self explanatory, ne?
Credits, Counters, and Clubs
Because there wasn't enough room on this page: clubs I'm a member of, credits and thank yous, my cyber pets, and the awards my site has won. Fully Functional.
I belong to/almost belong to a whole lot of rings: see them, use them, or join them yourself. Fully functional.

I love to hear from you, but as I have forgotten my password, please don't leave private messages. Thank you.

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My main non-sailormoon page, a Capricorn page, social commentaries, neat links, and more.

Hi PUu-chan!

I wrote this page, so it is mine. Even copyrighted by me (I guess). Just don't take anything I have made/written/created, okay? Let's see... Sailormoon is not mine: it belongs to (and to my knowledge is copyrighted by -- to my knowledge i am not breaking any copyrights, if I am, please inform me and i will remove/revise/delete as is neccessary) Naoko Takeuchi, as well as to Toie Animation(or something like that). If I am violating something or other, just tell me and I can fix it. If you would like credit for a picture you scanned in or altered that is posted on my page, please tell me and I will give you credit for it. You may link to my page, preferably my main page -- this page -- though. :) Thank you, I try my best, I hope you have enjoyed this site. Sayoonara, all you guys and dolls out there in never-never wonderland. Sweet dreams. Created in March 1997.

****SM does not refer to Sado-Masochism *giggle* it is short for Sailormoon****

"If we girls aren't strong, we can't protect the boys we love..." -- Naoko

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