I have visited the SOS site a couple of times, and some how I got on a mailing list with information about the Sailor Moon Live Action Movie...

the idea of American actresses and actors portraying Sailormoon characters intrigued me. Have you ever noticed an uncanny similarity between your favorite character and some pop figure? I have, and this is a bulletin where we, the ever obsessive moonies of the world, can proclaim these fantasies.

This isn't restricted to only American actors and actresses, just the characters from Sailormoon (the ones to be featured in a proposed SMLAM), or logical ages. I would appreciate it if you could give me a link to a photogallery of the actor/actress, especially if he/she is not well known (I really appreciate lesser known actors: try not to conform the character to fit some main stream piece of ****).

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Our Actors of Choice

Don't forget to vote for your favorites who have already been suggested, too! Also, I will post comments if you would like...

When the quantity of responses grows, each character will have his/her own page. But until then, deal with this.

Tsukino Usagi/SailormoonThora Birch1
Alicia Silverstone2
Kirsten Dunst4
Allison Sweeny (Sami on Days)1
Jenifer Gareis (Grace on Y&R)1
Sarah Michelle Geller1
Melissa Joan Hart6
Rose McGowan1
Katherine Heigl1

Mizuno Ami/SailormercuryWinona Ryder2
Gaby Hoffmann1
Natalie Portman2
Molly Ringwald1
Neve Campbell1

Hino Rei/SailormarsNaomi Campbell1
Irene Ng (Secret Files of Shelby Woo)4
Sandra Bullock1
Lucy Lawless1
Christina Ricci1
Alyssa Milano2
Jennifer Love Hewitt1
Ming-Na Wen1
Renee O'Conner1

Kino Makoto/SailorjupiterNeve Campbell1
Cordelia (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)1
Angela Watson1
Natalie Portman1
Liv Tyler1

Aino Minako/SailorvenusThora Birch1
Renee O'Conner2
Melissa Joan Hart1
Claire Danes1
Candace Cameron-Burke1
Alicia Silverstone1
Portia de Possi1

Chibi Usa/SailorchibimoonThora Birch1
One of the Olson Twins1

Meiou Setsuna/SailorplutoDemi Moore3
Michele Kahn1
Uma Thermon1

Kaiou Michiru/SailorneptuneLiv Tyler2
Saff (AbFab)1
Robin Tunney1
Danielle Fishel1

Tenou Haruka/SailoruranusAngelina Jolie1
Sarah Michelle Gellar1

Tomoe Hotaru/SailorsaturnWinona Ryder4
Natalie Portman2
Christina Ricci2
Larissa Olenic1

Other Good Guys
Luna, in human formCindy Crawford1
Julia Roberts2
Luna's VoiceLynn Radgrave1
Angela Landsbury1
Artemis's VoiceLarry Linville1
Kelsey Grammar1
MamoruTom Cruise2
Jackie Chan1
Skeet Ulrich1
Austin Peck1
Mario Lopez1
Chris O'Donnel1
David Boreanaz1
Prince Charming from Disney's TV Cinderella1

Innocent Bystanders
MotokiEthan Hawke1
Devon Sawa1
Harvey (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)1
Osaka NaruAlicia Silverstone1
the girl who plays Jenny on Sabrina2
UminoJosh Saviano1

*Disclaimer: I can barely spell correctly in my native language, so please don't crucify me for screwing up in theirs. :(

Queen BerylChristine Barinski1
Geena Davis4
Bette Midler2
Gene Close2
Uma Thermon3
ZoisiteJonny Lee Miller1
Kylie Nolan1
MalachiteBrad Pitt1
JadeiteDavid Choakachi1
AilEthan Hawke1
Brad Renfro1
Jonathan Taylor Thomas1
RubeusChristian Slater1
BerucheDrew Barrymore1
KaraberasDebi Mazar1
PetzMilla Jovovich1
WisemanJames Earl Jones2
Prince DemandoJared Leto2
SaffirJonathan Taylor Thomas1
Black LadyMichelle Phiefer1
Marcia Cross1
Mistress 9Christina Ricci1
Lucy Lawless1
NephereniaCallisto from Xena1
SailorironmouseDrew Barrymore2
SailorleadcrowDebi Mazar1
SailortinnyankoDebi Mazar1

My personal thoughts: I don't think I could stand to see the story of Sailormoon mangled into an American movie. It would be to painful. But I do like the idea of resemblences between real actors and the characters, and this is why I made this page.

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