Saturn Basic Information

All you could want to know about Sailorsaturn and the mythology of her namessake.

Basic Sailorsaturn information

Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Meaning: Glowing of the Earth
This is not definate, and not the agreed upon translation by other cybersailormoonchildren. Hotaru is literally 'firefly,' and I have seen 'Tomoe' translated as deathly and earth. I have never seen it in a dictionary. Sorry about the confusion.
Voice Actress: Minaguchi Yuko
It is interesting to note that the pronounciation of Sailorsaturn (Se-ra- Sa-tan) sounds like Sailor Satan, Satan being the evil in Christian mythology (and don't forget to stir that into the whole Holy Grail, Messiah, and Christina tidbits).
Proposed NA dub names: Christina or Helen
Please note the irony of Sailorsaturn, who has had many coinciding references to various Christian folklore and could even be considered to be the equivilant of an anti-christ is being named, uh, um, Christina. And note: this is a propsed name, not a definate one and not Sailorsaturn's real one!
Italian name: Ottavia
Portuguese name:Otāvia
French name: Olivia
Cantonese name:Ah-ying
Various Aliases/personalities: Hotaru Tomoe (manga and anime), Sailorsaturn (manga and anime), Supersailorsaturn (manga and anime), Sailorstarsaturn (manga), Mistress 9 (manga and anime), the Anti/Dark/Silent Messiah (manga and anime)
Birthday: January 6
Her birthdate has two points of interest. First of all, saturn is the sixth planet from the sun. Second, January is named for the Roman god Janus, who was the god of beginnings and endings. Neat, isn't it!
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Would you like to learn more about Capricorns and see how Hota-chan's personality reflects it's typical traits? If so, you should visit The Complete Capricorn.
Favorite food: soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles)
Which are absolutely delish. You should consider picking some up from your local gourmet food store or China Town.
Least favorite food: milk
I know tofu, a staple part of the Japanese diet, has a lot of calcium, but still: Hotaru is probably so short/small/frail because she doesn't drink a lot of milk.
Favorite Subject: History
Least favorite subject:Physical Education
Interests/Hobbies: Collecting lamps and dolls
Blood type: AB
Favorite color: Violet
Has trouble with: Marathons, physical exurtion
Family: Keiko (deceased mother) and Souichi Tomoe (father)
Appeared in: SailormoonS/Manga volume 9
Weapon: The Silence Glaive
Shoes: Violet lace-up boots (very gothy-cool)
Castle: (from the Moon Millinium in the manga) Titan

Saturn Information

From the Sun: sixth
Symbol: upside-down sickle
Notice the resemblemce between the hooked blade of the Glaive and Saturn's symbol, as well as the sickle/sieve (Cronos/Saturn's symbol as the god of agriculture) and the sickle with which Cronos carried out revenge on his father, Uranus, for imprisoning his brother and sisters (carious titans and monsters).
Moons: twenty three
Janus, one of the smaller moons, again might have been the reason for her birthday being in January. Also, notice Titan, the location of her castle, is one of Saturn's moons.

Named for: the Roman diety of fertitily and planting

Hotaru Tomoe/Sailorsaturn Bio

In SailormoonS, Hotaru is the daughter of Professer Tomoe. During an accident in the lab, Hotaru was killed (manga)/almost killed (anime). Her father bargained with Mistress 9 (who came in through the portal the Prof was building) to keep both of them alive: their soul for their lives. Mistress 9 possessed Hotaru, not knowing she was Sailorsaturn. Professer Tomoe was possessed by a demon that entered his left eye (that is why Professer Tomoe makes such an interesting villian: he is evil out of an act of love, not because he is warped or greedy like typical villians). The Professer works for Mistress 9, making daimons, which remove the pure hearts of the selected individuals. He is searching for the Talismen, which, when put together, create the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail has an infinite power that Phaorah 90, who is using Mistress 9 to enter and take over our galaxy, wants to use to take over the universe.

Back to Hotaru's life, her mother was dead (died in a fire), so her father was raising her alone. Hotaru stayed in her father's mansion most of the time, because she was not accepted by the other kids, and because her father (influenced by Kaolinite, Professer Tomoe's helper and a villian under Phaoroah 90) wants to keep her near him. She was pale and sickly (partly from staying inside so much, partly because of the accident (and in the manga, she is a cyborgish creature, too, because of it. She doesn't bleed...)). After making friends with Chibi-Usa, the other kids begin to treat her a little bit better, but then the Talismen create the Holy Grail, and Eternal Sailormoon/the Messiah is found, and something is needed to battle her.

Mistress 9 soon discovered the powers of Sailorsaturn inside Hotaru. (Mistress 9 makes Hotaru eat Chibi-Usa's crystal heart!). This brings out a powerful, evil side in her. She, Hotaru, fights it internally, and in the end, on the battlefield, defeats it. She, the unpossessed Hotaru, as Sailorsaturn, feels obligated to stop the Silence from destroying the world: she performs her 'Death Reborn Revolution' (though they don't actually show all of it...). In the anime, this trapped the Pharoah 90, and Sailorpluto sealed him away. In the manga, she destroys him completely with her 'Death Ribbon Revolution'. She was about to lower her glaive to the ground -- to blow it all into to oblivion (to heal it) -- when Sailormoon stops her. She is then killed (I think by trying to smuther a bomb she had set earlier), and immediately reincarnated. A weary Eternal Sailormoon carries the gurgling baby off the battlefield...

In the anime, Professer Tomoe came and retrieved Hotaru, but in the manga Sailor Pluto did it. Deciding that Professer Tomoe was not stable enough to raise her, Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna took her under their wing (in the beginning of SM*). She called Haruka 'papa' and Michiru 'mama,' and also refered to Setsuna as her mother (there is one funny scene where she is bragging about Setsuna being her mother to her little friends, and all of the other kids are soooo jealous). In SailormoonSuperS, the anime, she was not present (to my knowledge). In the manga, though, she was the one who kept the balls that the Amazoness Quartet were locked into, and then requested that Serenity make them into the Asteroid Senshi. In SailormoonStars, her life with Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna is shown. She starts as a baby, and then grows rapidly until she is Chibi-Usa's age. She gives a power-up to the outer senshi, and then fights as a soldier, herself, later on with them. She remains a stable character for the rest of the story. I believe this happens in both the anime and the manga.

Thanks to Lyta and Gregory Lam for their help and advice. This would be chock full of mistakes without them. Thanks!

Fine Print:This page is mine, Sailormoon is Naoko's. Some of the information might be wrong, corrections are welcomed. Many of the connections I have made are purely my opinion, and things that I think because I want to. But as you may agree with some, isn't it neat that Naoko made so many connections, purposefully or not? In my opinion, those are some of the things that make Sailormoon so neat and fun. Also, that picture is not mine, the address was given to me a long time ago. If it is yours, please tell me and I will take it down :(, give you credit, etc.. Anyway, good night and good bye.

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