Usagi has her Mamo-chan,

the Inner scouts have their generals,
Michiru has her Haruka,
Chibi-Usa has her Helios,
Setsuna will forever yearn for Endymion.

But what about Hotaru?

Many of we saturnchildren have sadly noticed that no true love (and I mean *love* not crush: as pointed out by Ruk, she had a crush on a sports guy in SMS. But anyway...) has been created for our darling Hotaru. What?!? You may ask, how could a romantic like Naoko leave out the most beautiful, sweet, and enigmatic character when she paired up her couples? Well, gosh darn it, I'm wondering, too. But that's not all, I've decided to do something about it. This page is devoted to finding the perfect lover for Hota-chan. It is a place where you can submit you ideal personality sketches and digitized sketches, which will then be posted. How ever you see Him -- whether it be a picture, a sound clip, a write up of looks or personality, or anything else -- will be well appreciated. If you have artwork, I'd love it if you could send/link me to (the latter is prefered) it. I welcome all ideas, and I hope you find this fun and interesting.
well, let the games begin!

Send in your entry!

The Results

This is my page; Sailormoon etc are Naoko Takeuchi's. I hope I'm not doing anyhting illegal, sorry and I'll be sure to correct it if you notify me if I am. Well, for all of you yearning for some of my nostalgic trivia, here's one: what is our love and do you say cherry or coke? well, nite y'all. Any comments, suggestions, etc? Mail me.