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Greetings and salutations, Sailorsaturn fans. I bid you welcome into my small homage to the undisputably coolest, fiercest, sweetest, and cutest Sailor Soldier of all -- Sailorsaturn.

Who is Sailorsaturn? Who is Tomoe Hotaru?
Learn the life of this intriguing character, and some of the interesting mythological connections she has.
Basic Saturn Information Page.

How come Hotaru never had a boyfriend...
Did you ever notice that Sailorsaturn never/rarely had any romantic plot lines? Well, since Naoko never made her a love interest, here's your chance to model the perfect guy for Hota-chan. Come see what everyone else has said, too!
Saturn Dream Lover

Hota-chan's Club for Saturnchildren
Hey! Now you can join this neat lil club to show your support of Sailorsaturn/Tomoe Hotaru. A special bonus: you get to show the very cool club picture on your web page.
Hota-chan's Club for Saturnchildren

Saturn Music and Video
Hear and see her here: BGM's, intro's, attacks, memorable moments, and more.
Saturnchild Saturn Music and Video

Saturnchild's Saturn Gallery
My quite quintessential and undoubtably unique gallery of Sailorsaturn and Hotaru Tomoe pictures. I just added some new ones (including proof that Hotaru is, indeed, a goth! Buwahaha!).
Saturnchild's Saturn Gallery

Saturn Merchandise Compilation
Here is an on-going and (hopefull) ever-changing list of Sailorsaturn/Hotaru Tomoe merchandise availible, mostly via the internet.
Saturn Stuff

Firefly, no, wait, Lamplight, of, um....
Translating her name is rather confusing in the first place, and it is rather difficult for English speakers (grr... if I hear another person say hoe-ter-ew I am going to SCREAM), so I'd assume that she would be given a non-Japanese name for the NA Dub anime and the translated mangas. So, what would you like it to be? Here's your chance to speak your mind...
Sailorsaturn Name Poll

More Saturn...
This is probably one of the largest collection of Sailorsaturn/Tomoe Hotaru links... there's probably atleast one place you haven't already visited, so look around.
Sailorsaturn Links

Show your support (obsession, ne?) by contributing your choice for who would play Hotaru in a poifect Live Action Movie!
Vote Now!

Coming soon:
My Fanart Gallery I've been spending way to much time on these silly saturn pics not for them to be gallerized.
My Fanfic I am rather proud of my writing skills, and this was my little phantasy... Her past, her present; her loves, her life. Coming in the not-very-near future. :)
The Glow Test See your degree of Saturness!!
Would you like to proofread/make suggestions/critisize my first version? Do it here!

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