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Any Sailorsaturn fan knows that Sailorsaturn merchandise is extremely hard to find, and usually very expensive because of that. Why, you may ask. Well, it's pretty simple. While her role in the anime was crucial but minimal: she was skimped out, being part of only the last part of SailormoonS and part of Sailormoon Stars. So, to help you little fanatics, I have compiled this list of Sailorsaturn merchandise availible over the internet and pictures of the various dollies for your shrinal needs. Additions are always welcome!
Sailor Saturn Dream Pocket Anime Music Connection*$ 25
Abada's Universal Gifts$ 35
Luthien Enterprises~ $20
Sailor Saturn Cutie Figurine Anime Music Connection $ 7.50
Excellent Sailor Team Sailor Saturn Doll, 6"Kimono My House $39
Sailor Saturn Heart LocketSailor Moon Online Catalgue$ 7.50
Sailor Saturn Rolling Rubber StampSailor Harmony's Shop $ 3.25
Sailor Saturn Doll Nichibei Anime $39
Sailor Saturn Puzzle PinJoy's Japanimation$5
Sailor Saturn TapestryAnime Plus$15

*sold out

Desperately Seeking Saturn: Merchandise Mailing List

DSSMML LogoSailorsaturn fans: I am starting sort of a 'web' of people who will notify each other when they discover Sailorsaturn stuff, etc. over the net. Would you like to join? Just mail me. When you find some treasure burried in the realms of the Internet (or anywhere else), simply copy these addresses into the ADDRESS section of the note. Your mailing system may use a divider other than a comma: just replace them. Thanks, and enjoy!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ELVIRA@CYBERRAMP.NET,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TLUONG89@AOL.COM,,,,,,,

Here are some pictures of some off the different Sailorsaturn dollies and toys out there:
Sailor Star Beauty Change
Dream Pockets: Outers (saturn included in the pic)
Super S Sailor Saturn Doll
Sailor Saturn Omake Dollie
Sailorsaturn Doll/Model
Sailorsaturn Supers Doll
Sailorsaturn Dream Pocket
Sailorsaturn Stars
Sailorsaturn Dream Pocket
Sailorsaturn Stars
Sailorsaturn Henshin Dollie
Sailorsaturn Models
Sailorsaturn Keychain
Sailorsaturn Stuffed-animalish Doll

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