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Ah... I really did not want to do this, but I have uploaded so many Saturn/Hotaru pictures that there is no other choice. I have created a picture gallery.
These are pictures of Hotaru Tomoe and Sailorsaturn, as well as the various Saturnchildren Logos, that I scanned in myself or aquired on the internet. Most are not very common (trust me on this one) and are quite beautiful. I hope you enjoy looking at them. :)
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There! For you weenies out there, I have just added my text directory (descriptions + links) of Hotaru/Saturn pics. :) It is usually updated before the other pages. Sorry about any inconvience caused in the past by not having it!
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Sailormoon is Naoko Takeuchi's, this page is mine. All of the pictures are Naoko's, too. Please don't whine at me about stealing of picture, okay? On the flip side, there is no legal doohickey stopping you from taking them. :( Please be discreet and give me credit if you feel you cannot live without them. On the same topic, I would be glad to give you credit for any picture of yours. If I have fanart up, though, notify me and I will take it down immediately (or put it in a fanart gallery, with the artist's permission).

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